In just 2 years, we’ve created, nurtured and built 7 brands to call our own. Click on each brand to learn more.

10x Audience

One Digital Agency, 10x The Efficacy

10xAudience is a full service digital agency that drives business outcomes through deliberate marketing strategies. We continue our search for massive untapped potential in the digital arena and help our clients exploit such channels with ease.

Rig Club

Mining For A Better Future

Mining Rig Club is founded by a group of global cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts who believe that cryptocurrency mining should be made available to everyone in an ethical and authentic way. We provide an array of products and services to help level the playing field between the professional and the fresh miner.

Block Tree

Building Companies,
Creating Opportunities

Block Tree Club is a blockchain venture builder that leverages blockchain technology into both enterprise and consumer use cases.


You're Just A Ping Away!

Ping Proof was created to help increase the conversions on websites. Ping Proof transforms your static website into a bustling marketplace. Easily customise your Pings to appeal to your target audience. You're just a ping away!

Yora Mobile
Virtual Arcade

Rediscover the Child in You

Yora Mobile Virtual Arcade is a mobile app that seeks to bring the best of arcade/amusement gaming to users globally. Emulating the feel of a real arcade, we hope to provide users with a nostalgic and memorable virtual experience.

SendVilla (Acquired)

E-mail marketing made easy, finally

Sendvilla is an application that helps businesses do away with the hassle of email marketing. We generate leads for our clients and enhance their overall campaign performances, through the best delivery tools and AI software.


The Truly Global App Store

MOVAstore is an app store that allows users to download android apps without any restrictions and access all the latest apps from anywhere. We believe that every Android user deserves access to all the latest applications without any geographical constraints.