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MRC Ventures understands and values the importance of a progressive society, which is why we use innovation to improve people’s lives, in any way we can. Using cutting-edge AI and data analytics technology, we create innovative solutions for brands and companies all around the world.


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Customer Obsession

We are all about our customers; anticipating their needs and pursuing their feedback. We value the trust of our customers. That doesn’t mean that the customer is always right, but in order to make a fantastic product, we always listen and adapt to our customer’s needs.

Innovate and Simplify

We innovate and simplify processes on behalf of our customers. We are always looking for new ideas and ways to improve. Same goes for the way we approach problems; we find innovative solutions to solve them.

Think Big and Reverse Plan

Life is too short to think small. We set ambitious goals first, then create milestones back to their starting point.We don’t want to limit ourselves to just incremental goals.

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Mining Rig Club

You’re Just A Rig Away

Yora Mobile
Virtual Arcade

Rediscover the
Child in You

SendVilla (Acquired)

E-mail marketing
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If you are someone who takes ownership of your learning, then your journey here in MRC Ventures will be a fulfilling and empowering one.

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